We are looking for skin care reviewers for all of the products available on our online store! Do a quick 2 minute video of a skin care product, and get a 100% rebate on purchase.


1. Email drgavinchan@vci.com.au and state which product you want to review, or you also can ask for advice on which products might suit your skin. Purchase the product(s)

2. Use the products for one month. Take a before and after photo of your skin before and after 1 month use.

3.After a month do a 2 minute video with your iPhone (in landscape orientation) / video camera. Discuss your skin concerns, how you felt about the product, what changes it made to your skin

4. Submit to drgavinchan@vci.com.au.  You can send files via google drive or dropbox. Each product requires a separate video please.


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