Aspect Dr Brightening Kit


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Aspect Dr Brightening Kit

The Aspect Dr Brightening Kit gives you the answer with proven botanical actives that really make a difference.Ideal for cosmetic management of all pigmentation concerns.

The Aspect Dr Brightening Kit contains:

Deep Clean cleanser 30ml - Deep Clean is a purifying cleanser that contains a non irritating botanical retinoid and a blend of natural occurring AHAs which will exfoliate, renew and refine your skin enhancing your complexion. 

Complete Pigment Serum 30ml - Improve skin pigmentation and prevent future pigmentation from developing. Helps lighten the appearance of age spots, freckles, hormonal marks and generally uneven skin tone. A superior patented lightening formula which may help to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.  

Exfol A Plus Serum 30ml - A concentrated vitamin A and AHA exfoliating complex which will help to refine and rebuild all skin types and treat all skin conditions. 

Resveratrol Moisturiser 15g - Resveratrol cream is a light weight moisturiser suitable for most skin types. A potent treatment moisturiser infused with Resveratrol, a strong antioxidant from grape skin, and Chronoline an Amino Peptide complex which work to help combat the visible signs of aging.


  • All forms of Pigmentation
  • Ideal Prep Program

Step 1 - Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. Step 2 - Complete Pigment Serum. Step 3 - Resveratrol Cream

Step 1 - Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. Step 2 - Exfol A Plus Serum.  Step 3 - Resveratrol Cream.

Deep Clean Facial Cleanser - Dispense 2-3 metered pumps into palm of hand, emulsify with a little warm water and massage into the skin for at least 30 seconds using gentle circular movements and rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process if wearing makeup or water resistant sunscreen.

Complete Pigment Serum - Dispense 1 metered pump and gently smooth onto skin.

Exfol A Serum - Apply only at night. Dispense 1 metered pump and press into skin. Always use maximum protection sunscreen while using this product. Exfol A Plus is a highly active cosmeceutical and therefore the frequency of application will be less at the beginning of your treatment and increased according to your skin tolerance.

Resveratrol Cream - Apply pea size amount to fingertips, rub together and apply to skin following serums.

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