Glo Minerals Kabuki Brush


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Glo Minerals Kabuki Brush

Designed to achieve rich application and expert blending, the Kabuki is a precision tool that is a must-have for every makeup artist. Perfect for medium to full coverage and can be used for all over blending. Glo Minerals Kabuki Brush expertly applies Glo Minerals Pressed Powder foundations and Glo Minerals Sunkiss Bronzer


  • Fullest of all brushes for full application of makeup and blending makeup
  • Seamlessly blends makeup for a flawless, smooth complexion
  • A staple in most professional makeup artist’s kits
  • Ergonomic design and short handle make it perfect for applying makeup to large areas
  • Cleans up easily and dries quickly

Use in small tight circles with more powder for heavier coverage and large, broad strokes with less powder for more sheer coverage.




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