Aspect Dr Problem Skin Kit

Aspect Dr Problem Skin Kit

Clear up oily, congested and acne prone skin - no problem!

Problem Skin kit contains Aspect Dr's Deep Clean facial cleanser with fruit extracts to remove impurities and oil, while still turning over the skin cells to reveal fresher skin just below the surface. It's the only cleanser that can actually make a change occur in your skin.

Exfol A Plus aids in the cell renewal process, smoothing and brightening the complexion, by way of it's potent Vitamin A levels. And of course, the Problem Skin Kit couldn't do the job without Problem Skin Serum - containing a unique combination of Vitamin C and Amazonian herbal extracts. This formula can dramatically improve both the appearance and the texture of oily and impure skin without stripping it of it's natural hydration.


Kit Includes:

                  Aspect Dr Deep Clean 30mls

                  Aspect Dr Problem Skin Serum 30mls

                  Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus Serum 30mls



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