Glo Minerals Kabuki Brush


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Glo Minerals Kabuki Brush

Designed to achieve rich application and expert blending, the Kabuki is a precision tool that is a must-have for every makeup artist. The perfect compliment to the Ultra Brush, the Kabuki Brush expertly applies gloPressed Base, gloLoose Base, gloBronze, gloMatte Finishing Powder and gloDust 24K.


  • Fullest of all brushes for full application of makeup and blending makeup
  • Seamlessly blends makeup for a flawless, smooth complexion
  • A staple in most professional makeup artist’s kits
  • Ergonomic design and short handle make it perfect for applying makeup to large areas
  • Cleans up easily and dries quickly

Use in small tight circles with more powder for heavier coverage and large, broad strokes with less powder for more sheer coverage.




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