Best Face Serums Australia: A Guide to Finding the Best Facial Treatment

Best Face Serums Australia: A Guide to Finding the Best Facial Treatment

Best Face Serums Australia: A Guide to Finding the Best Facial Treatment

A serum is a targeted treatment that is applied after cleansing your skin, but before moisturiser. The aim of serums is to deliver powerful ingredients into the skin, and it’s often made of smaller molecules which allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin. There is a serum for almost every skin concern, whether you have dry skin, dark spots, acne or wrinkles. 

When it comes to looking for a serum, focus on one skin concern at a time. Some active ingredients in serums do not mix well together, which can lead to them cancelling each other out or causing irritation when used together. For example, Vitamin A serums can’t mix with Vitamin C serums, but Hyaluronic Acid serums can mix with Vitamin C serums

It can be hard to find the right serum for your skin type or skin concern. Keep reading to learn more about the different serums available in the market and the best face serums in Australia.

Best face serum Australia

Best serums for dry skin

Serums for dry skin can help improve the appearance of your skin by plumping the skin and reducing the amount of wrinkles and fine lines. It is suitable for all skin types, even mature skin. 

Focus on finding serums with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Ceramides and Squalane. These ingredients aid in delivering hydration to the deeper layers of the skin to the outer layers of the skin. You can expect your skin to be smoother, hydrated and more radiant.

PCA Hydrating Serum

pca hydrating serum

For soft, plump and hydrated skin, consider the PCA Hydrating Serum. This serum features some stellar ingredients like Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol and Niacinamide. These key ingredients help your skin retain moisture, keeping your skin supple and plump. You can expect your skin to be radiant, moisturised, with reduced redness and inflammation and boosted collagen production.

It is recommended to use this serum in the morning and evening by applying an even layer on a cleansed face and neck. Follow through with moisturiser, we recommend the PCA Clearskin for a brighter complexion.

Cosmedix Surge Hyaluronic Acid Booster

cosmedix surge

Revitalise and refresh your skin with just a few drops using the Cosmedix Surge Hyaluronic Acid Booster. With a unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, this booster will keep your skin moisturised and protect you against environmental aggressors. The addition of Vitamin C in the form of Kiwi Fruit Water leaves the skin looking bright and healthy. This serum helps improve skin texture and elasticity, plumps the skin, and protects the skin.

It is recommended to use this serum in the morning and/or evening. Apply a small amount onto the hands and gently pat into the face and neck. In the morning follow through with moisturiser and sunscreen. In the evening follow through with moisturiser.

Best serums for acne prone skin

Serums for acne prone skin can help balance oils in the skin, manage acne formation and minimise clogged pores. Some serums for acne prone skin are also suitable for oily skin types.

When looking for a serum for acne prone skin, seek ingredients like Niacinamide, Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory that helps balance oil on the skin. Retinol exfoliates from deep within the skin and increases cell turnover. Vitamin C can help eliminate acne scars and Hyaluronic Acid helps provide hydration to the skin. You can expect your skin to be calmed and soothed, an even and brighter complexion and sebum production to be balanced.

Osmosis MD Clarify

osmosis md clarify

This serum is a must have for all acne prone skin types. It has Niacinamide to help with enlarged pores, Retinal to minimise the appearance of acne scars, and extracts like Honeysuckle and Cucumber to calm the skin. The Osmosis MD Clarify helps clear blemishes, regulates oil production, minimises congestion and calms inflamed skin.

This can be used twice a day by applying 1-2 pumps onto cleansed skin and gently massaging the product in. Make sure you follow with moisturiser.


Osmosis MD Rescue

osmosis md rescue

Repair your epidermal with the Osmosis MD Rescue, ideal for acne prone skin and pigmented skin types. This serum utilises a patented ingredient made of an ancient Oriental herb and modern technology, and aims to improve overall skin health. One key ingredient is trioxolane (ozonised ethyl oleate) which repairs enlarged pores, improves skin texture and restores skin radiance. When using this product, you can expect redness and inflammation to be calmed, acne to be cleared and signs of ageing to be slowed down.

It is recommended to apply 1-2 pumps onto cleansed skin, twice a day. Follow through with additional serums if necessary, and moisturiser to lock everything in.


Best serums for hydrating skin

Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, all skin types need hydration in their routine. The benefits of hydrated skin are endless:

  • Skin appears more supple and plump
  • Skin is less oily and less dull
  • Makeup adheres better
  • Acne is less stubborn
  • Wrinkles are reduced

When looking for a serum to hydrate the skin, Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient. It is responsible for drawing and retaining moisture into the deeper levels of your skin. For more information about the best Hyaluronic Acid serums click here. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that helps fight visible signs of ageing, especially when paired with Vitamin C. Vitamin E helps provide long term nourishment to the skin and protect the skin barrier. Panthenol is another commonly used ingredient that is known to heal and hydrate the skin. It promotes a healthy skin barrier and penetrates deeply into the skin to provide long lasting hydration. 


Profhilo Haenkenium 

For immediate hydration with long term rejuvenated skin, the Profhilo Haenkenium uses a patented Hyaluronic Acid complex with Salvia Haenkei extract. Whilst not technically a serum, this very lightweight moisturiser, helps protect, improve and restore skin cell health. You can expect your skin to be protected from signs of premature ageing caused by environmental aggressors, skin barrier to be restored and skin quality and elasticity to be improved.

It is recommended to use it daily, in the morning and evening. It is ideal to apply a small amount over the face, neck and decolletage. 


Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum

hyaluronic serum

With Hyaluronic Acid at the front and centre of this serum, and the addition of Niacinamide and Vitamin C, this is an all rounder serum that you must have in your routine. The Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, makes skin appear smoother, balances oil production and boosts glowing skin. 

This serum can be applied twice a day for best results. It should be the final serum in your skincare routine. Dispense one pump onto your fingers and gently smooth over your face.

Best serums for brightening skin

Brightening skin refers to products that help block or minimise pigment production. It also refers to increasing skin cell turnover to exfoliate the top layers of the skin to reveal a radiant complexion underneath. 

There are a range of ingredients that aid in brightening the skin. Vitamin C is the most well known one, it is an antioxidant that exfoliates away old skin cells. For more information about the best Vitamin C serums click here. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are also ideal for brightening skin. An example of an AHA is Glycolic Acid, which penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to reveal clear skin beneath. Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) like Salicylic Acid removes congestion from pores to reveal a more even complexion.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum

C E Ferulic serum

The SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum uses a combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. These antioxidants enhance protection against environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution, signs of ageing and free radical damage. You can expect your skin to be firmer, brighter and fine lines and wrinkles to be reduced. This serum is paraben free and once it has been absorbed into the skin, it remains effective for at least 72 hours.

It is recommended to apply this serum in the morning, after cleanser and toner. Dispense 4-5 drops and apply to a dry face, neck and chest before other skincare products. Finish off with sunscreen for best results, we recommend the SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50.

Aspect Dr Active C Serum

active c serum

The Aspect Dr Active C Serum utilises Vitamin C, Panthenol, Peptides and Canadian Willowherb Extract. Panthenol helps hydrate the skin, Peptides promote skin elasticity to reveal a healthy complexion and Canadian Willowherb Extract soothes any skin irritation. You can expect your skin to be moisturised, firm and plump, fine lines and wrinkles reduced, pigmentation diminished and a more even complexion. This serum is safe to use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

It is recommended to apply this in the morning only. Dispense a pea sized amount and gently massage all over the face. Follow through with moisturiser and sunscreen, we recommend the Aspect Sun Envirostat On The Go SPF50.


Best serums for wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the ageing process. They are caused by the skin thinning over time due to a lack of collagen and elastin. They can also be caused by sun exposure, dehydration, smoking, certain medication and environmental or hereditary factors. 

If you are looking to minimise wrinkles and fine lines, consider adding serums into your skincare routine that have ingredients like Retinol which increase cell turnover. To learn more about the best Retinol serums click here. Glycolic Acid dissolves dead skin cells and boosts collagen and elastin in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin plump and moisturised. Lastly, Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production.

Cosmedix Define

cosmedix define

If you are new to retinol, the Cosmedix Define gently exfoliates the skin which helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles. The additions of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and 2% AGP Retinol Complex increase cell turnover, while restoring hydration for even and smooth skin. Not only does this serum target wrinkles, it also minimises acne scarring, dark spots and hyperpigmentation, protects against environmental factors and prevents acne. This serum is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This serum can only be applied in the night time as UV exposure may cause some skin sensitivity. It is recommended to apply this onto cleansed skin 2-4 times a week and follow with moisturiser. To protect your skin, use a broad spectrum sunscreen in the daytime.

Biopelle Retriderm Vitamin A Serum 0.5% MILD

biopelle retriderm mild

For fast acting rejuvenation, consider the Biopelle Retriderm Vitamin A Serum 0.5%. It is designed to repair the signs of ageing, while maintaining overall skin health. With 0.5% Retinol as the key ingredient, it increases penetration into the inner layers of the skin and minimises discomfort and irritation.  It is ideal for those who have sensitive skin and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, firms and plumps skin, and improves skin texture. 

The serum is to be applied onto dry, cleansed skin. Allow the serum to be fully absorbed before applying other skincare products. It is recommended to use this in the evening only and if you are using it in the daytime, then apply a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Best serums for sensitive skin

When it comes to sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a treatment that doesn’t irritate your skin. The good news is that there are many formulas available that contain enough of a particular active ingredient to make a difference to your skin without causing irritation. Opt for products with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil. These ingredients can help calm and soothe the skin due to their anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

Osmosis MD Calm

osmosis md calm

Vitamin A is usually discouraged for sensitive skin types as it can irritate the skin. The Osmosis MD Calm is designed for those who experience sensitivity issues by using a gentle form of Vitamin A, Retinal. This unique formulation soothes skin from within by calming irritation while also repairing the skin barrier and controlling oil flow.

It is recommended to apply 1-2 pumps onto cleansed skin every 3rd night, then slowly increase it to nightly and then morning and night. This may take a few weeks.  Follow through with a broad spectrum sunscreen for best results.


Cosmedix Serum 16

cosmedix serum 16

The Cosmedix Serum 16 is another serum that is suitable for sensitive skin. This serum is anti-ageing and skin repair all in one. Featuring a unique blend of ingredients containing LG-Retinex, it helps smooth over wrinkles, firms the skin and reduces fine lines. This Vitamin A serum helps reduce medium to deep wrinkles, and with added Vitamin E, it helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors, without resulting in irritation, peeling and redness. You can expect your skin to be moisturised, brighter and smooth.

It is ideal to only apply this serum at night time as it can cause skin sensitivity in the day time. Slowly build up your tolerance by applying it every 1-3 nights. Apply the serum after cleansing and toning and only use a small amount. Finish with moisturiser and use sunscreen in the day time.

Best serums for dark spots

Dark spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin, which makes the skin appear darker. They can appear for a number of reasons, including exposure to free radical damage, acne scarring or hormones. To treat dark spots, opt for serums with ingredients such as Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid or Retinol. To learn more about the best pigmentation serums to treat dark spots.

Osmosis MD Stemfactor

osmosis md stemfactor

A unique serum with over 600 growth factors and peptides, the Osmosis MD Stemfactor rejuvenates, heals and protects the skin just after one use. Growth factors repair and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in new cell, elastin and collagen production. They also address concerns like wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin and rosacea.

When using this hydrating and lightweight serum, a little goes a long way. Apply 1-2 pumps onto cleansed skin twice a day. Follow with additional serums if necessary and moisturiser. This serum is cruelty free, gluten free, recyclable and oncology friendly.


Neoretin Discrom Serum Booster Fluid 

The Neoretin Discrom Serum Booster Fluid is a fast absorbing serum that depigments skin and dark spots. Utilising a slow release Vitamin A, it moisturises and exfoliates skin. The addition of Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid and Kojic Acid help provide further benefits like lightening sun damage, age spots and scarring. Overtime you can expect skin to be more even and bright, with dark spots reduced and skin smoothed. 

Apply a small amount twice a day onto cleansed skin. Follow through with moisturiser and use a high protection sunscreen in the day time.

Best serums for rosacea 

Rosacea is a common skin condition that leaves the skin looking red, flushed or blushed, with visible blood vessels on the face. Rosacea does not go away over time, but skin redness can be managed with the use of a diligent skincare routine. Targeting treatments can help manage and reduce redness. Try to use soothing ingredients in your routine, products containing Niacinamide, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Allantoin can help.

Cosmedix Reboot

cosmedix reboot

For a fast absorbing and lightweight solution to smooth skin texture and hydrate the skin, the Cosmedix Reboot is ideal for all skin types, including those with rosacea and sensitive skin. This serum is packed with probiotics like Lactobacillus to hydrate the skin and maintain a healthy looking complexion. The addition of Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while Aloe and Coconut Extract soothes the skin. You can expect skin to be hydrated, smoother, clearer and softer.

It is recommended to use this serum in the night time for best results. Gently massage a pea sized amount onto the skin after cleanser and toner. This serum can be used in conjunction with other serums. Finally follow through with moisturiser for extra hydration.

Aspect Dr Redless 

aspect dr redless serum

The Aspect Dr Redless is a multi-purpose oil that provides comfort to those who experience redness, irritation and/or dryness. Ingredients like Sea Buckthorn provide antioxidant benefits to the skin, whereas Coenzyme Q10 helps promote skin elasticity to provide a more youthful appearance. The additions of antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E help fight free radical damage, while leaving the skin looking even and bright.

This product should be applied day and night as the final product in your skincare routine. Gently smooth one pump over your face and neck. This product is also suitable for pre, during and post flight. If you have drier skin, you can mix this in with your moisturiser.

Best serums for all skin types

If you’re new to serums and not sure where to start, then finding a serum that is suitable for all skin types is a good start. These serums can deliver great benefits and results to your skin, regardless of your skin type. If you are unsure of what to add, we recommend finding something hydrating to add to your routine. Hydrating serums are typically suitable for day and night use, don’t contain any active ingredients that may make your skin sensitive to the sun and they are very beginner friendly. 

Here are some of the best serums for all skin types.

Aspect Extreme B17

aspect extreme b17

The Aspect Extreme B17 is a must have serum that helps with a multitude of skin concerns. The Extreme B17 utilises Vitamin B to prevent skin dehydration, evens skin tone and balances excess oil production. This serum leaves your skin looking youthful and more plump. Key ingredients include Niacinamide which helps hydrate the skin, improve skin tone and plump the skin. There’s also Panthenol to retain moisture in the skin, Folic Acid to facilitate the generation of healthy skin cells, and Thiamine to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lecithin and Glycerin restore hydration to soften the skin and bind moisture to strengthen the skin barrier.

It is recommended to use this in the daytime, however, it can be used both day and night for extra hydration. Apply a pea sized amount all over the face and follow with additional serums if necessary, and moisturiser.

PRESCRIBEDsolutions Urbane Renewal Triple Action Antioxidant Serum

 prescribed solutions DNA serum

Protect your skin from free radical and UV damage with the PRESCRIBEDsolutions Urbane Renewal Triple Action Antioxidant Serum. This serum helps form a protective barrier against free radicals found in smoke, pesticides, pollutants and smog. It also aids in Mitochondrial Repair, which creates Creatine to maintain skin cell energy to increase the body’s repair process. You can expect your skin to be glowing and radiant after using this serum.

Apply this lightweight serum after cleansing, by dispensing 1 pump into the palms. Gently massage into the skin, starting from the forehead and working down towards the neck and décolleté.

Osmosis MD Replenish

 osmosis md replenish

For stronger, healthier skin, the Osmosis MD Replenish delivers glowing results. This antioxidant serum features a variety of botanicals to prevent free radical damage, promote collagen production and reduce inflammation. The key ingredients are L-Glutathione, an antioxidant that assists in cellular detoxification and cellular respiration, Synthe-6 (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38), a renowned peptide that assists with smoothing wrinkles, and Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that provides anti-inflammatory benefits to protect against oxidative damage. You can expect your skin to be smooth, brighter and hydrated.

It is recommended to shake the serum lightly before applying 1-2 pumps in the day and night. It is safe to use when pregnant and breastfeeding. The serum is recyclable, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free.


What is the best serum in Australia?

There are many effective serums available in the Australian market. The right serum will depend on your skin type and/or skin concerns. When it comes to finding the best serum for your skin, focus on:

  • The ingredients - whether these are appropriate for correcting your skin concern
  • When they can be used - whether it’s in the day, night or both
  • Compatibility - whether they can be used in conjunction with other products in your routine

Finding the best serum for your skin can take time, and trial and error. Our serum guide can help narrow down some of the best serums available in Australia to target your skin concerns.

What does face serum do for the skin?

A face serum is a targeted treatment that can penetrate the skin to deliver targeted relief and results.

What serum should I use?

The serum you should use will depend on your skin's needs and skin type. If you have dry skin, we recommend a hydrating serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid. If you have oily skin, a serum with Salicylic Acid can help with pores to keep your skin clear. If you have mature skin, we recommend a serum with Retinol to provide anti-ageing properties and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. If you are unsure of what serum to use, please contact one of our friendly Skin Therapists by calling 1300 863 824 or book a consultation online.

How to use serums?

This will depend on the kind of serum. 

Serums that can be used in the day time, like a Vitamin C serum, are applied after cleansing and toning. They are to be applied onto dry skin and followed through with additional serums if necessary and moisturiser. Protect your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen in the day time.

Serums that can be used in the night time, like a Retinol serum, are applied after cleansing and toning. They are to be applied onto dry skin and followed through with moisturiser. Sunscreen use is highly recommended when using Retinol products, and protects your skin in the daytime with a broad spectrum sunscreen.

What is the difference between a serum and moisturiser?

A serum is lightweight in texture and is applied after cleansing and provides targeted results to a skin concern. They penetrate deeper into the skin and can help with dark spots, dull skin or dehydration. 

A moisturiser is applied as the last step or second last step of the skincare routine if sunscreen use follows. They tend to be heavier than serums, and aim to lock in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

In short, serums are intended to be absorbed into the skin, whereas moisturisers are designed to create a barrier on top of the skin.

Can I use a face serum everyday?

This will depend on the type of serum. If it is a Retinol serum, it is not recommended to use it everyday as this can cause irritation. Serums like Vitamin C serums and hydrating serums can be used everyday. 

Please refer to the instructions on the serums for more details.

Should everyone use a serum?

In short, no. There is no obligation for everyone to use a serum. However, just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using a serum.

If you have certain skin concerns, then you may benefit from use of a serum to treat your skin concern.

With consistent use, serums can provide effective treatment and relief for certain skin concerns like dry skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and redness. When looking for a serum, consider what concerns you are targeting, and what skin type you have. This can influence the kind of serum that will be suited for your concerns. Consider researching the different serums available, the different ingredients that can help with your concern and lastly, consider your budget. As skin cells generally regenerate every 28 days, it’s ideal to use a serum consistently for 4 weeks, before making a judgement on whether it’s suitable for your skin.

Please patch test before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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