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Simply Naked Beauty Yes They're Mine Long Lash Serum

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Simply Naked Beauty

Simply Naked Beauty is owned and operated in Australia, focussing on natural beauty products that use organic ingredients and minerals and are entirely cruelty free. Simply Naked Beauty creates formulas with high-quality ingredients that are designed to enhance the wearer's natural beauty, helping them look and feel more confident. Simply Naked Beauty has never tested any of their products on animals, and keep their ingredient search close to nature, choosing to include nutrient-rich ingredients like avena sativa and propylene glycol.

The "Yes They're Mine" Long Lash Serum is Simply Naked Beauty's most well-known product, offering natural eyelash growth without harsh or heavy ingredients.

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Simply Naked Beauty Yes They're Mine Long Lash Serum

The Simply Naked Beauty eyelash growth serum comes in a generous size of 5mL and contains an organic blend of natural ingredients that encourage rapid eyelash growth. The ingredients include avena sativa (also known as oat straw extract, a key component for lash growth), magnesium aluminum silicate (used as a thickener) and peptides like myristoyl pentapeptide and nonapeptide-1.

The Yes They're Mine long lash serum makes your eyelashes look fuller, thicker and longer, and you can use it while you're wearing eyelash extensions. It includes no harsh ingredients (so you won't experience any redness) and it can be used on your eyebrows too.

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