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Profhilo Haenkenium 50ml

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Profhilo is an innovative injectable treatment that provides hydration and rejuvenation all over the face. It is a moisturising treatment used to treat skin laxity and renew the production of collagen and elastin. Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo is not used to contour the face or provide volume to a specific area, instead, it offers intense moisturisation that diffuses into the skin.

Profhilo injections are composed of highly concentrated and purified hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. The hyaluronic acid forms a gel that is much thinner than dermal fillers, so it spreads throughout your skin to form a natural looking glow.

Profhilo treatment is a relatively new beauty treatment, but when done by the right doctors it can result in moisturising magic. The hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, creating an anti ageing treatment that works with your skin tissue to increase elasticity and fight the signs of ageing.


Notable Australia Products

Profhilo H+L 2ml

Profhilo treatment is a skin tightening and firming injection composed of purified hyaluronic acid. It is recommended that doctors administer this treatment for you to avoid any complications. These injectable treatments do not provide volume and shape like filler does. They provide natural hydration, moisturisation and rejuvenation.

Profhilo Haenkenium Antioxidant Cream

The Profhilo Haenkenium Antioxidant Cream is a topical moisturising treatment that combines the properties of hyaluronic acid with salvia haenkei extract. These ingredients provide thorough hydration, rejuvenation and protection against free radical damage.


Shop our range of Profhilo products above. Consult with a doctor or skincare professional to ensure that you are selecting and correctly administering the best treatment for you.