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OC Eight Mattifying Gel 45g

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OC Eight Overview

OC Eight is a skincare brand that has created a highly sought after product - a mattifying gel with an oil control mattifier formula that provides an oil free makeup look.


OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel

OC Eight sells one breakthrough skin care product - the OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel. The Professional Mattifying Gel is favoured by photographers and makeup artists because it improves the appearance of facial foundation and provides shine free skin all day.

This OC Eight product is formulated with ACRYSOBA micro particles that are able to trap 6X their volume in oil on the skin and keep your skin looking matte and fresh for up to eight hours. The formula should be used after your skincare routine and before you apply makeup, to create a thin layer that will absorb excess oil and keep oily skin matte for longer.

The OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel is perfect for creating a beautifully even skin tone for up to eight hours and creating an oil free makeup look. The OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel is perfect for very oily skin, but it can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel is able to absorb your skin's natural moisture and trap facial oils to achieve shine free results. This product can be added to your daily skin care routine, by applying it before your facial foundation.

Shop our range of OC Eight products above. Don't be discourage if you don't have oily skin, this product will still be suitable for you if you are seeking to create a beautifully even skin tone.