Perfect party season eyebrows

Perfect party season eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows are often the most important accessory for achieving a fresh and well framed face!

Eyebrows that are shaped and tinted correctly will naturally lift the eye area, frame the face, create a clean finish and open up and enhance the eyes.

How do I shape my eyebrows?

To successfully sculpt the eyebrows it takes a keen eye for detail and should often be left to the professionals. There are many methods used to sculpt the perfect brow.

Wax and Tweeze - we wax and tweeze the brows to remove any stray hairs. This is done below, above and between the brows to neaten the area and provide a beautiful shape that complements your face and frames your eyes perfectly. We take time and focus our attention on making sure you experience minimal discomfort.

Trim - eyebrow hair will often be too long to suit the shape we have created. To prevent your brows looking messy and unkempt we trim the brows to finalise the sculpt to keep those hairs falling where they should be!

Tint - as we age our brows begin to thin out, losing both volume and colour. Together we discuss the ideal colour match from our large range of colours, and begin the tinting process. Tinting is great for giving the brows a look of volume and will lift the colour of the eyes.

At Victorian Cosmetic Institute our skilled "Brow Sculptresses" (aka Skin Therapists!) are here to ensure you are looked after and given the best options for your brows.

How do I pick my perfect eyebrow shape?

We use a technique that is commonly used in many areas of cosmetics called "The Golden Ratio or the Law of Phi" this allows us to be precise in measuring the brows accurately so they can be corrected and balanced to suit your face shape.

We look at the face shape and current condition of the eyebrows, if the eyebrows are thin or sparse, we will take care to ensure that we only remove hairs outside of "Phi" measurements; If the eyebrows are thick, we will discuss with the client before shaping based on their individual "Phi" results.

What are the best eyebrow products?

Keep your newly formed brows looking flawlessly styled by including them in your morning make up routine.

Glo Minerals brow collections are one of our best selling brow kits. It incorporates everything you need, from stencils, powders and brushes, to colour and shape your brows. The kit is available in two colours to suit both fair and darker hairs.

If you prefer to use a pencil to fill in and add definition to your brows the Inika eyebrow pencils are available in several colours for that quick top up. Soft and easy to use with no waxy residue, Inika products are also certified organic and cruelty free!

For those with a preference for powders over pencils the Glo Minerals Brow Powder Duo is the answer. Easy to blend and available in Blonde, Brown and Taupe each compact combines 2 neutral hues to help create full and defined brows. For added punch these powders contain the antioxident vitamins A, C & E and Green Tea Extract. We recommend applying your brow powder with the Glo Minerals Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush which doubles as your eyeliner brush!

If you're not confident to sculpt your own eyebrows or would like a professional sculpt that you can maintain at home, contact us on 1300 863 824 to book a treatment with one of our Skin Therapists. 


Written by Alexandra Young, Skin Therapist & Eyebrow Extraordinaire!

Alexandra Young is a Skin Therapist with over 16 years of experience. Alexandra’s dedication and passion is evident as she strives to build a strong rapport with her patients offering ongoing support and a tailor made treatment plan to help them achieve the best possible result for their skin.

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