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There is a lot of talk about benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and how to best incorporate it in our everyday skin care regime.

It is an ingredient that is naturally found in our body. It is a substance that is found in our skin, connective tissues and joints. It has the ability to retain 1000 times it’s weight in moisture,making it perfect for anybody that is concerned with ageing.One of the most attractive thing about a youthful skin is that it looks full and dewy and this is because it is high in moisture and hyaluronic acid.  As we age, the hyaluronic acid that is produced in our body naturally depletes, leaving the skin feeling dry, more lines seem to appear and we feel less “plump.’’


It not only moisturises our skin internally but it help repair our skin’s barrier, which can become compromised as we age. The barrier of our skin is damaged daily from the sun, pollutants in the air and with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and sensitive skin. Basically, anything that is inflaming our skin is compromising our barrier.


Hyaluronic acid can be used on any skin type and is also safe during pregnancy. Everybody should be incorporating some sort of hyaluronic acid on their skin.


There are a lot of products on the market that claim to have some sort of a hyaluronic acid in them but it is the way in which they are engineered as to whether they will penetrate the skin enough to make a difference. You want the hyaluronic acid to be high up in the ingredient list and if it goes by the name of sodium hyaluronic or sodium hydroxide, you can guarantee that they are getting down deep within the skin where you are needing it.

It can be found in our cosmeceutical skin care in such forms as serums and creams. Some of my favourites include Synergie Super Serum, Synergie Hydrogel, Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum.


The most effective way to get hyaluronic acid into skin is to inject it into the skin.

We can do this with our dermafrac treatment using micro needles to infuse directly into the skin and also with our dermal fillers.

All of the dermal fillers used here at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute are hyaluronic acid or HA. These type of fillers are the most natural and tend to last the longest because it is a natural occurring substance in our body so when they are injected into any area of the face, the body tends to leave it be.


I hope this has helped nut out some information regarding this super ingredient as it can benefit every skin type and is so easy to incorporate into your everyday skin care regime.


Skin Therapist Danielle Feiam

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