Synergie A-Zinc Essentials Kit

Synergie A-Zinc Essentials Kit contains:


1 x Gentle Cleanser 10ml - A simple cleanser to remove make up and grime while retaining skin's natural moisture. Made with only pure, natural ingredients.

1 x Ultimate A 10ml - This youth serum contains Retinol Molecular, a highly effective form of Vitamin A.   Ultimate A actively works to assist skin regeneration and is low-irritant, unlike other forms of Vitamin A such as Retin A. Helps improve conditions such as acne, fine lines, oily skin and sun damage. 

1 x Vitamin B 10ml - Vitamin B improves the health and immunity of the skin and regulates sebum production. Great for acne prone skin.

1 x Suprema C 10ml - Formulated with stabilised Vitamin C, this revolutionary product will even out skin tone and protect against free radical damage.  With added Watermelon Seed Oil, this serum suits all skin types and helps improve the elasticity of the skin.

1 x Uberzinc 10ml - Containing 20% Zinc Oxide in a micronised formulation that can't be seen when applied on the skin, this SPF moisturiser does not irritate or clog pores so can be used by sensitive or acne prone skin types.


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