Synergie EvaPore-8 100ml

Synergie EvaPore-8 100ml

EvaPore-8 is a gentle but effective post-cleansing tonic designed to soothe, hydrate and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Skin will appear clearer and more luminous without excess shine.


  • Affipore (Barosma Betulina leaf extract) is the breakthrough ingredient in EvaPore-8. This botanical ingredient significantly reduces the diameter of the pores and minimises excess oil production and facial shine
  • Designed to sooth, hydrate and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores


Apply 2-3 pumps to a dry cotton pad. Wipe firmly and evenly over face focusing on oily areas and enlarged pores. Follow with appropriate Synergie serums and moisturiser.


Affipore (Barosma Betulina leaf extract) A plant-based cosmeceutical that visibly reduces oil flow and pore size. Hydrolysed tomato skin A potent antioxidant to neutralise skin damaging free radicals. Aloe Vera A botanical soothing active. Witch Hazel A botanical astringent and skin soothing agent. Sodium PCA A powerful skin hydrator that holds several times its weight in water.




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