Best Serums for Dry Skin: A Guide to Hydrating Skin

Best Serums for Dry Skin: A Guide to Hydrating Skin

Best Serums for Dry Skin: A Guide to Hydrating Skin

Dry skin is a common problem that can occur during winter or even all year round. It can appear on the face or the body, and can cause itchiness and discomfort, but what is dry skin? Dry skin occurs when the outermost layer of the skin is dehydrated, resulting in skin that looks and feels scaly, tight and rough.

Dry skin is caused by a number of factors including ageing, poor skincare habits, environmental factors or underlying skin conditions. Other common causes of dry skin include lower humidity, air conditioning or heaters, and frequent exposure to very hot showers or baths can also dry the skin. Anyone can get dry skin, despite their age, however older people are more prone to having dry skin.

There are a number of ways to treat dry skin including using a barrier cream or emollient moisturiser to seal in moisture. If you are prone to dry skin on your face, implementing a hydrating serum can help restore hydration in your complexion. 

Some hydrating ingredients to look out for when treating dry skin include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - boosts moisture content
  • Glycerin - helps retain skin moisture
  • Vitamin E - can counteract the lack of sebum in the skin
  • Jojoba Oil - despite its name, it is actually a wax with a texture similar to the oil that our skin produces and works well to restore and soothe the skin

Finding the right treatment for dry skin can be difficult. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best dry skin serums in Australia.


Best serums for dry skin Australia

Aspect Dr Multi B Plus 

vitamin b for dry skin

The Aspect Dr Multi B Plus is an essential face serum that protects the skin against environmental and free radical damage, while treating concerns like inflammation, dehydration and discolouration. This hydrating serum is formulated with Homeo Shield, an extract from brown seaweed, which helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors, Canadian Willowherb Extract to soothe and nourish the skin, and the Aspect Signature Blend of Australian botanicals that have antioxidant properties. 

Not only does this serum deliver intense hydration, it also clarifies the skin's overall appearance, reduces breakouts and alleviates redness. It’s also suitable for all skin types, including those with ageing skin concerns, oily skin and combination skin. It is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Like most Aspect Dr products, the Aspect Dr Multi B Plus is formulated without synthetic fragrance, animal products, parabens and SLS. This serum can be used day and night by dispensing 1 pump and applying onto the skin after cleansing. It can also be used in conjunction with other Aspect Dr serums.


Aspect Dr Active C Serum

vitamin c serum for dry skin

If you experience dry, dull skin, the Aspect Dr Active C Serum is what you need. Not only does this serum help plump up the skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, it also brightens uneven skin tone. This Vitamin C serum fights visible signs of ageing, with the additions of Vitamin E to protect the skin, Panthenol to maximise skin hydration levels and Canadian Willowherb Extract to soothe the skin.

Other benefits of this serum include moisturising the skin, promoting collagen growth, diminishing blemishes and pigmentation. The Aspect Dr Active C Serum is suitable for all skin types, including dehydrated skin, sensitive skin types and ageing skin.

This serum can only be used in the morning, gently apply a pea sized amount all over the face and follow through with sunscreen. We recommend using the Aspect Sun Envirostat On The Go SPF50 for maximum protection. It can also be used in combination with other Aspect Dr serums. A tightening sensation may be felt after application.


Dermaceutic Tri Vita C Serum

vitamin c for hydrating dry skin

For a younger looking, healthier and more radiant complexion, the Dermaceutic Tri Vita C is a must have in any routine. Formulated with 3 forms of Vitamin C, this face serum reaches several layers of the skin and releases antioxidant benefits over time to protect your skin. 

The addition of Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E help enhance the antioxidant benefits and encourages collagen production, resulting in smoother and hydrated skin with a reduction in wrinkle depth and crow’s feet volume.

The Dermaceutic Tri Vita C is suitable for all skin types, except for very sensitive skin. It can be applied in the morning and evening, by applying a small amount onto cleansed skin. Ensure you pair this serum with a sunscreen during the day time for best results. We recommend the Dermaceutic K Ceutic SPF50.


Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum 

hyaluronic serum dry skin

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that can absorb large amounts of water. It is a key ingredient in delivering hydration to dry skin. The Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum provides a lightweight and fast absorbing solution to alleviate dry skin. Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, a form of Hyaluronic Acid that helps smooth the skin, Niacinamide, to balance oil production and Vitamin C, to protect and brighten the skin.

This face serum is ideal for those looking to repair their dry or inflamed skin as it provides soothing, hydrating and calming benefits to the skin. It is also suitable for every skin type and provides an effective solution to combat signs of ageing, acne, sensitivity and dehydration.

The Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum can be applied in the morning and evening as the final serum in your skincare routine. Apply one pump of serum and gently smooth all over.


Osmosis MD Calm

retinol for dry skin

Heal your skin from within with the Osmosis MD Calm, an anti-ageing serum that restores your skin's lipid barrier, reduces inflammation and encourages the production of new skin cells. Formulated with ingredients such as Retinal, a derivative of Vitamin A, it helps promote cell renewal and fight visible signs of ageing without causing irritation. The addition of peptides like Synthe-6 to smooth wrinkles and boost collagen and elastin growth, Sea Buckthorn Extract to enhance cell regeneration and promote healthier barrier function, and Wild Cherry Bark Extract to soothe and detoxify skin that may be affected by rashes, eczema and psoriasis.

The Osmosis MD Calm is ideal for all skin types but it is particularly effective for those who may experience rosacea, dermatitis or skin sensitivity. This serum helps repair the skin's barrier and reduces visible capillaries. The serum is formulated without animal products and gluten.

The serum can be used in the morning and evening, just apply 1-2 pumps onto clean skin. It is recommended to use this alongside an activating mist such as the Osmosis MD Infuse to enhance the delivery of serums into the skin.


Aspect Extreme B 17

vitamin b serum for dry skin

Expect rejuvenation and replenished skin with the Aspect Extreme B 17. This serum features a patented blend of Vitamin C Complex Polypeptides which help decongest the skin. The addition of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) also helps reduce the severity of breakouts, controls oil levels and minimises acne scarring. When using this serum, you can expect wrinkles and fine lines to be reduced, redness to be minimised and skin to appear smoother and brighter.

The Aspect Extreme B 17 is suitable for most skin concerns and is ideal for all types of skin. For those with oily or acne prone skin, Vitamin B3 is a must have ingredient in your routine. For drier and mature skin, the serum can reduce dehydration, lines and sagging skin. This serum is formulated without pesticides, fragrances, dyes and parabens.

It is ideal to use this serum in the morning and evening for faster results. Apply a pea sized amount onto a cleansed face and neck, carefully avoiding the eye contour. Follow through with moisturiser. We recommend the Aspect Super Moisturising Complex.


Things to Avoid if You Have Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you may consider avoiding the following:

Excessive caffeine consumption

Excessively consuming caffeine and not consuming enough water will dry your skin out. Focus on maintaining a balance and ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.


Very hot showers or baths

Hot showers or baths can strip the skin's moisture levels which can lead to dryness or skin irritation. Minimise hot water usage when bathing and keep it warm enough to relax your skin without drying it out.


Harsh products

There are some products that may make dry skin worse. This includes products with alcohol or synthetic fragrances, or excessive exfoliation.


Skipping sunscreen

Don’t skip the sunscreen step in your skincare routine. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from sunburn and other skin damage that can leave your skin looking dry and aged, or feeling tight. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF50+ ensures maximum protection, as well as wearing sunglasses, staying in the shade and wearing protective clothing where necessary.



Under-moisturising may be why you have dry skin. Ensure you have a good quality moisturiser that is suited for your skin concerns and use it twice a day for best results.



What causes dry skin?

There are a number of factors that may contribute to dry skin. These include:

  • Fragrance in skincare products
  • Genetic factors
  • Hard water and dry air
  • Medication for acne and retinol usage
  • Medical conditions


What ingredients help with dry skin?

There are a range of ingredients that can help alleviate dry skin. The best way to implement these ingredients is by using a facial serum that utilises one or more of the following ingredients.

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Known for its ability to retain water and maintain adequate skin hydration
  • Vitamin C - A great antioxidant that addresses photodamage, minimises lines, improves skin elasticity and hydrates the skin
  • Antioxidants - Vitamin E, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin A can help rejuvenate the skin
  • Plant oils and extracts - Coconut, shea and jojoba are occlusive plant oils meaning they create a barrier to lock in moisture
  • Ceramides - Ceramides are fats that help your skin create a barrier to retain moisture
  • Glycerin - Glycerin acts as a humectant meaning it draws water from the environment and the deeper layers of your skin into the outer layers


What is the best skin care routine for dry skin?

When it comes to treating dry skin, there are a few essential steps to consider in your routine:

  • Cleanser - Using a hydrating cleanser won’t disturb the outer layer of your skin. We recommend the Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser which promotes water flow for skin hydration
  • Toner - Opt for an alcohol-free toner to help restore the skin’s pH levels after cleansing and prep the skin for the following skincare products
  • Serum - Targeted treatments can help with specific skin concerns
  • Moisturiser - A nourishing and non-comedogenic moisturiser will help lock in hydration. We recommend the Osmosis MD Hydrate to reduce fine lines, leaving the skin plump
  • Sunscreen - Prevent further sun damage and protect your skin by using a broad spectrum sunscreen like the Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50


How do I get rid of dry skin?

Dry skin can be treated over time with a few lifestyle changes such as:

  • Moisturising daily
  • Using warm water when bathing and limiting amount of time spent bathing
  • Avoiding harsh or drying soaps and cleansers
  • Using a humidifier


Dry skin can be caused by a number of environmental or lifestyle factors, but it can be alleviated over time by implementing changes such as moisturising daily, bathing with warm water and implementing a hydrating serum into your skincare routine. Ingredients such as Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil can help draw more moisture into the skin and strengthen your skin barrier. Over time you can expect skin to be restored, soft and hydrated. 

Please patch test before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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