Facial redness: causes and treatments

Facial redness: causes and treatments

Facial redness can be a symptom of many skin conditions or lifestyle choices and can present as constant redness, flushing and capillaries. 

What causes facial redness?

Genetics can be the cause for some people but for others in can be due to lifestyle. Hot showers, working outdoors rain, hail or shine or even blowing your nose all winter (or spring for those with hayfever).

Common causes of facial redness

Causes of facial redness include:
  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Friction
  • Over cleansing / harsh cleansers / physical exfoliators 
  • Blood pressure conditions
  • Allergies
  • UV exposure and sun damage 
  • Rosacea, acne, dermatitis
  • Inflammatory skin conditions 

The wind, sun, cold, the heat and friction all play a role in the development of redness. So do underlying skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis and overall sensitivity.

How to treat facial redness

It is best to start with seeing a Skin Therapist. During your appointment we will find out the cause of the redness to help determine the best treatment plan. A suitably qualified Skin Therapist can also determine what products could be causing the irritation by how it presents on the skin. Whether it's hot, constant or flushing, seasonal or after the use of  particular products. 

Best treatments for facial redness

Some treatments include LED photobiomodulation, IPL, Vascular lasers, skin care containing Vitamin B, Vitamin A and a small selection of chemical peels.

What to avoid to prevent facial redness

Some things to avoid to prevent facial redness include:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Hot showers
  • UV exposure
  • Over cleansing or exfoliating 
  • Skin care ingredients such as SLS, SLES 
  • Fragrance
  • Essential oils 
  • Chemical SPF sunscreens (Physical sunscreen is preferred)
  • Alcohols  

How to calm facial redness

  • Love your skin
  • Have tepid water to wash your face
  • Use gentle cream or milk cleansers
  • Avoid face washers and opt for a facial sponge
  • Use calming and soothing ingredients 
  • Less is more 
  • Protect the skin with Hats, sunglasses and Physical SPF 
  • Contact a skin therapist before investing in skin care

Anti-Redness and Reactive Skin Package

This bespoke skin care package contains your cleanser, epidermal repair serum, a serum to calm inflammation and a hydrator with SPF protection. Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask is included to further comfort and sooth your skin whilst infusing moisture and nutrition.

Package contains:

  • Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gel based cleanser for all skin types. Great for removing makeup from the eyes and face with added antioxidant protection 

  • Osmosis MD Rescue - This epidermal repair serum is phenomenal at treating most compromised and damaged skin with its use of ozonized ethyl oleate with anti-inflammatory properties, repairing spots, texture and pores as well as the ability to repair damaged caused by viruses, bacteria or fungus

  • Cosmedix Hydrate+ - Light weight antioxidant protection with zinc oxide for daily sun protection

  • Osmosis MD Calm - the most gentle form of retinaldehyde with sea buckthorn and wild cherry bark to sooth and calm the skin, whilst still having the ability to stimulate collagen production and aid in wound repair

  • Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask - with aloe vera and lactococcus to aid in calming and repair of dry, damaged and compromised skins.

The Anti-Redness and Reactive Skin Package is available for purchase online.

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Written by Tayla Brown, Skin Therapist

As a Skin Therapist at Victorian Cosmetic Institute and holds a Bachelor of Dermal Science. Tayla is continually educated in skin treatments, and even spends her free time listening to skin-related podcasts. 

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