Prepare for skin treatments

Prepare for skin treatments

With the recommencement of skin treatments such as chemical peels and skin needling, there is no better time than now to prep and prime your skin for treatment.

Why do I need to prep my skin?

It is all about safety, efficiency and down time. Prepping your skin by using active ingredients in your skin care such as vitamins and acids you place your skin in optimal condition for the controlled damage that we are going to induce. 

The main benefits include:

  • Reduced chances of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIHP)
  • Increase overall cell health and communication for increased wound healing
  • Regulate cell movement 

How do active ingredients prepare your skin for treatment?

Certain ingredients such as Vitamin A work by ensuring your skin cells are functioning optimally and working as hard as possible to repair any damage to the skin in case of injury.

Vitamin B aids in barrier repair and ensures that the skin has the tools to protect itself and increase its own immunity.

AHA/BHA acids not only exfoliate the skin but also prepare the skin for ingredients at a higher percentage so the skin is able to recover faster to something it recognises.

We also love Tyrosinase Inhibitors. These little guys work by slowing down the production or distribution of unwanted melanin that might lead to PIHP. By signalling this messenger to slow down or change its pathway can dramatically rescue the chances of PIHP occurring.

If you're prone to pigmentation

For those prone to pigment or pigment conditions, we suggest ingredients such as Kojic acid and licorice root extract along side a strong SPF (with proper application) and the ingredients listed above. 

Homecare is important!

Skin prepping will compliment the in clinic treatments for better and longer lasting results. Although we suggest skin prepping, post treatment homecare and lifestyle is also important to consider as this can contribute to adverse effects. 

Contact your skin therapist if you are unsure of the level of preparation you require as each treatment may vary slightly.

Recommended skin care to prepare your skin for treatment

Biopelle Retriderm Serum Mild - Vitamin A serum

Excellent Results
Kim Fennessy on Sep 04, 2019
I have mature skin but still experience breakouts and enlarged pores
Since using Biopelle Retriderm the breakouts have stopped and my skin is looking more refined. I am so happy to have finally found a product that delivers!

Osmosis MD Replenish - Vitamin B and antioxidants 

Outstanding Results
Mel on Apr 15, 2020
My skin has never looked so plump and glowing since using this product. I have skin that now looks rehydrated and youthful. I use this daily as consistence is the key. Used in conjunction with Osmosis cleanser and moisturizer.

Dermaceutic Mela Cream - combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, AHA/BHA and tyrosinase inhibitors

This product is really good on dark spots
victoria langham on Jun 29, 2020
I have 2 dark spots and have been using morning and night just on those spots. I must say that they have already lightened in under 2 weeks of using the product and looking forward to seeing the results in 2-3 mths.

Aspect Dr Exfoliator - AHA serum

Works a treat
Natalie on May 01, 2020
I love this product! I use it approx every second night before my other serums and it keeps my skin looking smooth and radiant.

Need help deciding the best skin care for you?

If you would like a personalised skin care recommendation for your specific skin concerns you may book online or call 1300 863 824 to schedule an online consultation with one of our Skin Therapists.


Written by Tayla Brown, Skin Therapist

As a Skin Therapist at Victorian Cosmetic Institute and holds a Bachelor of Dermal Science. Tayla is continually educated in skin treatments, and even spends her free time listening to skin-related podcasts. 

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