Vitamin B and why my skin therapist won't stop talking about it

Vitamin B and why my skin therapist won't stop talking about it

B3, Niacinamide, Nicotinamide  are all different ways to scientifically refer to Vitamin B. It seems to be in many different products on the market these days with some form of vitamin B3 derivative.

Why? Well it's because our skin NEEDS it as  It is required for cellular energy metabolism. What does that mean? Essentially, Vitamin B is necessary for almost every part of your skin and body to function, including the development of ATP (our energy). But here is the catch, it is not stored by the body and is not produced by the body or skin. This means we have to eat foods such as meat, fish, green leafy vegetables and seed and acquire it topically through our home care to get the best results. 

Put simply, if there is no Vitamin B3 within our skin, our enzymes can not function properly and normal biochemical processes won't run smoothly, leading to compromised skin and the development of skin conditions. Think about a car with 3 wheels, it just won't work the way it needs to.

What can Vitamin B do for me?

Anti Ageing! Everyone's favourite word. 
With aged skin, it tends to have some sun damage. With sun damage comes depleted levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate, NAD and NADP for short. These enzymes are essential for cellular metabolism and synthesis. 

For example; we need NAD and NADP for protein and lipid synthesis, but thanks the sun damage and natural ageing, these levels are already low. This means we now have dysfunction and downregulation of most dermal processes and accelerated breakdown of the skin. When we give the skin a boost of Vitamin B3, we are able to boost levels of NAD and NADP. Hello increased collagen production! 

Glycation is another stage of ageing in which we can dramatically slow down. This occurs when a sugar molecule attaches itself to and protein or fat which then causes stiffening of the cross links within the collagen bonds. We now have a reduced elasticity of the skin and blood vessels, oxidative stress, dehydration and a yellow/dull colouring to the skin. B3 provides antioxidant properties to protect from any damage being done. Consider it ‘anti-glycation’.

What about dry skin?

Yes! Our skin requires fatty acids and cholesterol to stay soft and supple but diet and lifestyle can sometimes work against us. B3 will help increase the production of ceramides to boost our hydration which will also help boost our very important lipid levels. If lipid levels are low, we have an increase in trans-epidermal-water loss (evaporation of water from our dermis to the environment). Our skin is now dehydrated and our barrier can no longer protect us from the harsh world. 
If we improve our lipid levels, we can improve barrier function and hydration. This means less skin reactivity, dryness and itchy skin. Oily skin? Don't worry, B3 will begin to regulate the type of oil the skin is producing to normal levels.

Inflammation from acne?

Any form of inflammation can be inhibited from the use of B3 so say goodbye to redness. This includes acne, the one pimple at that time of the month right up to those painful cysts. Don't forget those red marks that hang around when the pimple is long gone. Rosacea? Yep! Dermatitis? Yep! General redness? Yep!
What else can vitamin B3 do?

The list is almost endless so here is a summary:

  • Improved cell strength due to increased keratin
  • Improved structure and thickness of the skin
  • Improved barrier function
  • Improved lipid levels
  • Improved hydration 
  • Anti-ageing and UV damage repair
  • DNA repair to slow down the development of melanoma 
  • Pigment inhibitor/blocker
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti oxidant
  • Anti-itch

Who should use Vitamin B3?

  • Aged skin/concerned with ageing
  • Poor barrier
  • Inflammatory skin conditions including acne and rosacea
  • sensitive/reactive skins
  • UV damage
  • Pigmented skin
  • Oily skin 

Our Skin Therapists top Vitamin B picks:

Synergie Vitamin B
SYNERGIE - Vitamin B serum 30ml
Beautiful non-sticky serum

Susie on Aug 28, 2018
I love this serum, it gives a such a nice, hydrating finish without feeling sticky or oily. Can wear day or at night, I always use at nighttime, and also during the day when my skin is extra sensitive. I have rosacea and have so many issues with skin products. This is one of the few products I can use that calms my skin down and never causes flare-ups. Brilliant!


Aspect Dr Multi B
ASPECT DR - Multi B Plus serum 30ml
Skincare Essential

Michelle Windsor on Oct 16, 2017
Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum was recommended to me by VCI about 3 years ago. At the time I was a little worried that I wouldn't see noticeable results, I was worried it wasn't as good as other vitamin serums. I shouldn't have worried.I noticed a difference in skin texture within a fortnight, my skin felt smoother and more hydrated. It's hard to describe but my skin just looked healthier and fresher. It really is a product that should be a part of your daily skincare routine.

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