6 ways to combat ageing with skincare

6 ways to combat ageing with skincare

From around the age of 25 many people begin to notice the first signs of ageing. Fine lines, loss of volume and a reduction of skin elasticity are often the first signs which get progressively more apparent as the years go by. 

Whilst we cannot completely stop the ageing process of our skin we can support and nourish it to help eliminate and prevent the unnecessary signs of ageing, including reversing dehydration and pigmentation that appears as we get older.

Six things that you can do to assist your skin in looking it's best, no matter your age, are:

  1. Protect
  2. Stimulate
  3. Regenerate
  4. Restore
  5. Shield
  6. Boost

Let's take a closer look at each of the six processes and how they fit into your skin routine.

Number 1: Protect

Peptides are the building blocks of collagen, which depletes as we age. As well as being essential for collagen production, peptides also send signals to your skin to produce more collagen - win/win! When you add in some antioxidants which protect by neutralising free radicals, these two work together to build collagen and prevent further free radical damage.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
Who it's for: with added Vitamin C this serum is ideal for those also looking for overall skin brightening.

Osmosis MD Replenish
Who it's for: Replenish contains Fulvic Acid which is ideal for skin which has frequent UV exposure or is dry, itchy or flaky.
Cosmedix Affirm
Who it's for: A firming skin serum suitable for more advanced signs of ageing.

Number 2: Stimulate

Vitamin A, or Retinoids, are beneficial in stimulating cell turnover and interrupting the processes that breakdown collagen. Products containing Vitamin A should be introduced slowly into your routine. Start by using every third night, then every second night, eventually working up to every night.

Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus Serum
Who it's for: A Lactic Acid and Vitamin A combination best for uneven and dehydrated skin.
Biopelle Retriderm Serum Mild 0.5%
Who it's for: A beginner's Vitamin A which also tightens and firms the skin.

Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 0.5
Who it's for: Skin showing signs of premature ageing, sun damage and fine lines.

Number 3: Regenerate 

Exfoliating dead, dull skin is a must in every anti-ageing skin routine. By exfoliating the skin and shedding the top layers of the dermis your skin serums and moisturisers will be able to penetrate more effectively to where they are needed.

Dermaceutic Turn Over
Who it's for: a night cream for those who want to exfoliate while they sleep.
Aspect Exfol L
Who it's for: for dehydrated skin that would benefit from hydrating AHA's.
Cosmedix Defy
Who it's for: for more advanced ageing skin which requires hydration as well as exfoliation.

Number 4: Restore

Moisture and hydration is lacking in ageing skins and in most cases this is due to a decrease the production of hyaluronic acid. Restoring the hyaluronic acid in your skin can improve the appearance of fine lines and result in more plump looking skin.
Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum
Who it's for: suitable for those who prefer a serum consistency to penetrate deeper into the skin.
Dermaceutic Hyal Ceutic
Who it's for: dry and mature skins who prefer a moisturising consistency.
Emepelle Serum
Who it's for: skin with advanced signs of ageing and oestrogen deficiency.

Number 5: Shield 

Most premature ageing can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet light radiation from the sun. Using sunscreen to protect your skin from UV exposure is the best way to avoid premature ageing.

Cosmedix Hydrate+
Who it's for: doubling as a moisturiser for a dewy glow, this is ideal for daily wear for dehydrated skins.
Aspect Sun CC Cream
Who it's for: those looking for a colour correcting and tinted skin primer with SPF50 protection
Societe Prime & Defend
Who it's for: for those time-poor who are looking for a sunscreen, primer and moisturiser in one product.

Number 6: Infuse & Boost

Changing weather conditions, hormones and diet all plays a part in the health of our skin. At times our skin is prone to breakouts, irritation, increased dryness or it just needs a little boost from a nourishing skin mask.
Aspect Probiotic Mask
Who it's for: to restore your skin barrier while you sleep for sensitised and thirsty skin.
Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask
Who it's for: skin requiring the exfoliation and brightening effects of bamboo beads and Vitamin C
Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Sheet Masks
Who it's for: those looking for a pampering, rejuvenating sheet mask with the benefit of added peptides and anti-ageing ingredients.

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