Top 10 moisturisers for Winter

Top 10 moisturisers for Winter

Cold winds and dealing with rapidly changing temperatures as we move outdoors to indoors can be tough on our skin. Cooler temperatures, dry air and indoor heating depletes much need hydration and moisture resulting in dehydrated and dull skin.

Using a quality moisturiser can help to lock in moisture and prevent unnecessary loss of hydration due to the elements.

If you're looking to add a moisturiser to your routine have a look at our top 10 moisturisers for Winter - in no particular order.

Antioxidant protection

Containing Resveratrol from grape skin, an antioxidant which is high in polyphenol and other properties which protect the skin, Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturising Cream hydrates and protects the skin.

Who it's for: suitable for all skin types who want the added benefits of antioxidant protection.

resveratrol moisturiser

Dehydrated skin

With Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, Dermaceutic Hyal Ceutic packs a punch when it comes to replenishing hydration in the skin.
Who it's for: dehydrated skin that needs help to keep the skin hydrated all day.

Epidermal barrier repair

Hyaluronic Acid and various lipids combine to nourish and repair any damage to the epidermal barrier of your skin. Osmosis MD Quench is a lightweight moisturiser that keeps your epidermal barrier nourished and healthy to prevent further moisture loss from environmental factors.
Who it's for: skin that requires a little TLC to repair damage caused by prolonged periods of dehydration.

Oily skin lightweight moisture

Suitable for all skin types, particularly oily skins, Aspect Dr Ultra Light Hydration is a lightweight moisturiser that provides long lasting hydration with a matte finish. 
Who it's for: oily or sensitive skin types who prefer a matte finish
ultra light moisturiser oily skin

Early signs of ageing

Non-comedogenic and oil-free, Biopelle Tensage Soothing Cream Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Containing Squalane to fight free radicals that contribute to early signs of ageing.
Who it's for: all skin types showing early signs of ageing.
biopelle tensage soothing cream moisturiser

Intense hydration

Revive and replenish dry skin with Cosmedix Emulsion. Infuse your skin with deep penetrating moisture for a healthy looking glow. 
Who it's for: skin showing early signs of ageing which needs intense hydration.
cosmedix emulsion

Three in one

With sunscreen being a non-negotiable, even in Winter, Societe Prime and Defend makes it easy to combine three steps into one. A luxurious broad spectrum sunscreen, make up primer and moisturiser in a handy one-step tube.
Who it's for: those who prefer minimal steps in their morning routine.
prime and defend

Calming and anti-inflammatory

Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Matrixyl 3000 peptide complex come together in Dermaceutic Regen Ceutic to calm irritation and redness.
Who it's for: sensitive skin types who are showing signs of ageing.
regen ceutic

Night cream for ageing skin

Clinically proven to target the root cause of estrogen deficient skin with MEP Technology. Emepelle Night Cream is a night time moisturiser which also contains retinol, niacinamide and peptides to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.
Who it's for: ageing skin suffering from a decrease in estrogen.
emepelle night cream

The all-rounder

A balanced hydrator suitable for all skin types. High levels of hydration make Aspect Phytostat 9 ideal for dry skin, whilst being light enough to be suitable for oily skin.
Who it's for: combination skin types and those who want a moisturiser also suitable for use on the neck and décolletage.
aspect phytostat 9 

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