Suffering isolation skin?

Suffering isolation skin?
In these crazy isolated times we are all going through you may be noticing some changes to your skin. You may likely be experiencing new lifestyle changes, additional stress, changes in your diet, changes in the weather conditions and irregular sleeping patterns. All of these, along with not being able to have your regular skin treatments performed, are all contributing to the negative effects in your skin.

Here are some skin care products hand-picked by our Skin Therapists that you should be incorporating into your daily routine at home. 

If you require one-on-one personalised skin care advice phone our clinic on
1300 863 824 to organise your online skin consultation with one of our Skin Therapists.

Relieve stressed skin

A soothing facial oil is designed to moisturise and calm the skin, Synergie De-Stress is suitable for all skin types. Fortified with blackcurrant seed oil, pure olive squalane, seabuckthorn and macadamia oil to hydrate. This facial oil has a beautiful relaxing aroma to help the mind relax and relieve any built up stress.

For a soothing, lightweight hydration spritz that is suitable for all skin types Cosmedix Mystic
ticks all the right boxes. Active ingredients include Aloe Vera and Cassia Glucan to naturally soothe and calm the skin. You can use this spritz anytime throughout the day to give an instant boost of hydration, use it to set your makeup, or even use it as a moisturiser for a more oily skin type.

Improve your skin while you sleep

A probiotic you can apply topically? Yes please! Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask is a probiotic firming mask designed to immediately comfort and soothe skins requiring an infusion of moisture and nutrition. Massage the product into the face and neck area and allow it to absorb in overnight and wake up in the morning with soft, glowy and hydrated skin. If your skin is more on the oily side leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse with water. This overnight mask is great for helping to keep the skin calm and balanced. 

Detox your skin from any unhealthy eating habits

Ideal for those with any congestion and excess oil flow to the skin, the Cosmedix Detox Mask will detoxify your skin in no time. Containing charcoal to draw out impurities, congestion and to cleanse clogged pores. Kaolin Clay helps to mattify the skin whilst Diatomaceous Earth gently exfoliates. Apply to the skin and leave for 10 to 20 minutes then rinse with water.

Containing a blend of 13% AHA and 2% BHA active ingredients (salicylic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, and malic acid) Synergie Reveal is an exfoliating serum that helps to improve skin surface texture, remove dead surface cells whilst decongesting the skin and improve the appearance of acne. Apply serum to face once a day for severe acne or 1 to 2 times a week for a general exfoliation. Once applied leave it on your skin and do not remove.

Whilst topical antibiotics can kill the bacteria associated with acne that has appeared during isolation, it’s the also the anti-inflammatory effects that yield the biggest skin-clearing benefits. Synergie Blem-X contains a combination of the important antibacterial acne fighting ingredients lactic acid, salicylic acid and malic acid to gently exfoliate and unclog pores. In conjunction with soothing manuka and aloe vera to keep the skin calm and free of irritation. This product is best used as a spot treatment on any active breakouts.

An exfoliating cleanser that deeply cleans the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean is the Cosmedix Purity Clean
. Containing an aromatic peppermint essential oil for its cooling effect, and lactic acid to gently exfoliate and deep clean your pores. Add one pump with wet hands and use circular motions over the face then rinse with water.

Nourish and rehydrate your skin

If your skin is feeling dry and stressed the Aspect Hydrating Mask contains nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Olive oil and Grape Seed Extract.
Apply a thin layer all over your face and neck - a little bit goes a long way! This mask can be applied for a minimum of 20 minutes or for maximum results it can be left on overnight.

To dramatically boosts skin hydration Cosmedix Surge Hyaluronic Acid Booster plumps the appearance of skin and helps protect it from transepidermal water loss. Key ingredients of this serum are Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide and Kiwi Fruit Water. To supercharge your skin care apply this serum before applying your moisturiser.

Aspect Super Moisturising Complex
is a super-rich moisturiser that absorbs immediately into the skin providing instant relief to dry and dehydrated skin. Apply to skin as the last step in skin routine. 

Do you need personalised advice?

Our Skin Therapists are now providing online skin consultations to help you select the right products for your skin concerns. To book an appointment call 1300 863 824.

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