A, B, C's of skin care

A, B, C's of skin care

As a Skin Therapist at Victorian Cosmetic Institute one of the most common phrases I hear from patients is “I never know which vitamins I should be using on my skin?” There are so many different skincare products out there, that it can get very overwhelming sometimes with selecting what's going to be the appropriate products for your skin. Here I give a simple breakdown of what each vitamin does for the skin, the benefits, who is best suited and when to use it in your skincare routine at home.

Vitamin A 

What does Vitamin A do for our skin?

Vitamin A is a topical ingredient that just about everyone needs. When we age our skin cells renew less frequently than they did when we were in our 20's, which contributes to a dull and ageing complexion. Vitamin A is one of the best ingredients which allows for a faster skin cell turn over, making the skin appear more healthy and youthful. Whilst it is the best anti-aging vitamin to use for your skin, that's not all this superhero vitamin is capable of.

What skin types can benefit from using a Vitamin A?

There are many different skin types that will benefit from using a Vitamin A skin care product. As well as the anti-ageing properties for fine lines and ageing skins, it is often prescribed to control acne, regulate oily skins and repair sun damage skin.

When do I apply a Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is recommended to be used only at night. When using a highly active Vitamin A serum it is best to introduce it gradually to minimise or eliminate any side effects such as dryness and irritation. This is because your skin can take a few weeks to adjust to the Vitamin A. I recommend introducing a Vitamin A into your night routine by using it every third night for the first two weeks then eventually building up to every second night. Once your skin can really tolerate it, it can then be used up to every night. 

What is the best Vitamin A for skin?

For a Vitamin A that will not irritate the skin, Synergie Ultimate A Serum helps to reduce fine lines through collagen stimulation and reduces visible sun damage. 

If you're interested in a combination of Vitamin A and AHA's then I recommend Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus which will assist in exfoliation, refining the skin and providing antioxidants to the skin. 

Vitamin B

What does Vitamin B do for our skin?

Niacinamide, a potent form of Vitamin B that is loved by our skin, has many wonderful benefits. It strengthens and improves an impaired barrier (great for sensitive skin!), increases hydration, controls oil flow and is very soothing to the skin.

What skin types can benefit from using a Vitamin B?

Vitamin B is great for almost everyone. Skin types such as those suffering from Rosacea, sensitive skins, dry or dehydrated skins, acne or congested skins and ageing skins would all benefit from using a Vitamin B in their daily skincare routines. 

When do I apply Vitamin B skincare?

Vitamin B can be used either in the morning or in the evening or both. This really depends on which Vitamin B skincare product you've been recommended and what your skin concerns are.

What is the best Vitamin B skincare?   

Synergie Vitamin B serum has a very lightweight feeling on the skin and instantly leaves the skin feeling more calmed and hydrated. Aspect Dr Multi B Plus serum leaves the skin feeling super hydrated, firm and it also gives antioxidant protection to the skin.

Vitamin C

What does Vitamin C do for our skin?

Vitamin C provides a rich dose of antioxidants to protect against free radical damage caused by UV. The results of using Vitamin C is a brighter and even looking skin tone.

What skin types can benefit from using a Vitamin C?

Skin which is dull, has pigmentation or uneven skin tones will all benefit from using a Vitamin C serum.  

When do I use Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is best to be used in the morning prior to applying your moisturiser and SPF sun protection.

What are the best Vitamin C skincare products?   

With its own unique blend of ethyl ascorbic- C, ferulic acid and mandelic acid Synergie Suprema C + helps with free radical damage, uneven skin tone, ageing skins & unbalanced sebum protection. Aspect Dr Active C serum is a powerful antioxidant that brightens an uneven skin tone while firming and tightening the skin. Active C serum has lots of brightening, calming and hydrating properties. A excellent product to use for those who are time poor in the morning is Cosmedix Pure C Crystals as you can mix the crystals into any cosmetic serum to help brighten and firm the skin caused by environmental damage. Pure C crystals are 100% pure L-ascorbic acid. 

The best skin care and skin treatments

We all know that A, B & C really are the essentials in skincare. Knowing exactly which A, B or C serum to include in your skincare routine can simply be overwhelming. If you feel you need an updated regime, I would advise booking a consultation with one of our qualified Skin Therapists to prescribe a medical grade skin care and treatment plan to give the best results. You can book an  appointment by phoning 1300 863 824.



Written by Chantelle Urrutia, Skin Therapist 

Chantelle Urrutia is a Skin Therapist at Victorian Cosmetic Institute with many years of experience. Chantelle enjoys how rewarding it is being able to help and assist her patients and is driven by seeing how happy and confident her patients are feeling once they have achieved their skin goals.

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