Understanding dry and dehydrated skin

Understanding dry and dehydrated skin

Dryness and dehydration are terms often used to describe the condition of the skin. Whilst both of those terms are sometimes used interchangeably they actually mean two very different things.

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

In very simple terms dry skin is lacking in oil whereas dehydrated skin is deficient in water. You can have both oily and dehydrated skin or dry and dehydrated skin.

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture in the surface layers of the skin however this problem begins in the deeper layers. It can present as tightness and a dull appearance. Hydrators, often in the form of serums, are used to penetrate to these deeper skin layers. The consistency of hydrators, as opposed to the thicker consistency of moisturisers, allows the nourishing ingredients to penetrate to where they are needed. Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in hydrating serums. It is naturally found within your skin and can hold 1000x its weight in water!

Dry skin is caused by a lack of oil on the surface of the skin as well as insufficient moisture within the deeper layers. This often presents as a rough, tight, uneven and flaky. You may even notice a thickened dry skin surface as dry skins do not shed and turnover as they should. Dry skin benefits from serums that will regulate your oil production as well as a moisturiser to prevent transepidermal water loss.

Skin care products for dehydrated skin

Your cleanser should not further strip the skin causing additional moisture loss. Cosmedix Benefit Clean contains Herbal Amaranth which encourages balanced hydration and helps prevent moisture loss. Sandalwood soothes and calms the skin. Grapefruit Oil refreshes and awakens the skin whilst shea butter calms and protects.

Dehydrated skin requires a serum rich in hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin’s moisture content. Apply one pump of Aspect Dr Hyaluronic Serum to clean skin morning and night for the ultimate skin hydration.

Form a protective barrier against moisture loss with a nourishing moisturiser. Aspect Dr Resveratrol moisturising cream contains pure grape skin extracts, peptides and resveratrol to help firm the surface of skin and restore moisture content.

Skin care products for dry skin

Your skin may be lacking in oil but it still needs a cleanser to remove impurities, pollution and daily grime. Aspect Dr Mild Clean is a gentle gel foaming cleanser which is anti-inflammatory and calming yet can still remove makeup. Contains Canadian Willowherb to soothe as well as Vegetable Glycerine to nourish even the most irritable skin types.

Dry skin is caused by a lack of oil and the best way to address this is by introducing a product containing sufficient amounts of vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) into your skin routine. Vitamin B strengthens the stratum corneum and increases hydration whilst regulating oil production. Synergie Vitamin B Serum contains Vitamin B3 as well as Vitamin B5 which works to stabilise the skin barrier, soothe, heal and improve skin softness. It even plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

If your skin is particularly dry a rich moisturiser which absorbs immediately will provide instant relief to dry skin. Aspect Super Moisturising Complex protects against free radical damage whilst providing barrier function support.

Help for dry or dehydrated skin around the eye area

The skin surrounding your eyes is thinner and more delicate than other areas of your face. Around the eyes is often where the first signs of dryness or dehydration will be noticed. Biopelle Tensage Radiance Eye Cream is a lightly tinted cream to hydrate and illuminate the skin around your eyes. Suitable for use by those with dry and/or dehydrated skin.

Weekly skin hydration boost

Using a hyaluronic sheet mask once a week will provide a boost of hydration to give your skin a kick start on its way to being more hydrated and luminous. Eneomey Hyaluronic Masque is an occlusive sheet mask in biocellulose second skin effect to increase the penetration of the active ingredients in to the heart of the epidermis where it is needed. The infusion of hyaluronic acid and collagen will instantly plump and hydrate the skin. 

How to avoid dehydrated skin

Drink plenty of water! Ensuring you consume enough water every day is easiest way to avoid having dehydrated skin. Your skin is one giant organ and relies on what we eat and drink to get all the nourishment it needs.

Avoid sugar! Sugar is a big anti-hydrator and takes the water from the places you need it and causes it to leave the body. Avoid adding any additional sugars to your diet if you suffer from dehydrated skin.

Treatments for dry and dehydrated skin

Dry and dehydrated skin is easily treated with professional treatments. Lactic acid chemical peels are an excellent non-invasive treatment that will gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Lactic acid also found in many hydrating serums and moisturisers has various strengths and can be mixed with L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to provide a boost of antioxidants and a brightening effect on the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation, it removes the top layer of dead cells to allow better absorption of active ingredients. At Victorian Cosmetic Institute we perform a specialised triple exfoliation microdermabrasion using all three forms of skin exfoliation; physical, chemical and mechanical. Microdermabrasion used in conjunction with a chemical peel gives amazing results achieving smooth, bright, hydrated and vibrant skin.

Dermafrac is the ultimate in hydration infusion, a pass of microdermabrasion removes the dead cells allowing tiny needles to gently penetrate the skin in a pain free relaxing treatment. The process of the needles penetrating the skin creates micro channels down through the skin layers, as the microchannels open a hydrating hyaluronic serum is infused deep into the skin. The added benefit of the microchannels is the production of collagen in the skin. Resulting in hydrated, smooth skin with a glow.

LED light therapy with hydration mask. Hyaluronic Delivery Masks are a super hydrating treatment suitable for most skin types. They are cooling, soothing and with intense hydration the mask calms and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin. The mask has a soothing anti-inflammatory effect. When used in combination with the LED lights the skin warms under the glow of the light and is even more receptive to absorbing the amazing ingredients that the mask has to offer. The results are boosted by the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the LED red light. 

Check out our hyaluronic acid serums guide and our serums for dry skin guide.

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